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Flat-flex Link Conveyor Belt

Flat-flex Link Conveyor Belt|Food processing Belt|Oven Conveyor Belt|Ladder Link Wire Belt

Usually ladder belt (stainless steel wire mesh) is called Chocolate Conveyor Belt. Which is made by assembling the sucessively bent wire.

1. Positive sprocket drive wire mesh belt ensures stable running.
2. The rotation diameter of stainless steel conveyor wiremesh belt is small, so that smooth products transfer is ensured.
3. This kind of conveyor wire mesh belt is washed easily.
4. Because of large open air of mesh bekt, high air permeablity and hydration are ensured.
5. Reinforcement plate links are made for heavy load and high speed.


The material available: SUS304   SUS316   Carbon steel

The Link wire diameter: 0.8mm-4mm

The width:20cm-2meter

The applications;

Food processing belt

Oven processing belt

biscuit processing belt