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Steel Wire Mesh Popular Weave Types

Stainless steel woven wire mesh with equal mesh count horizontally or vertically has square opening, hence also called square opening wire mesh, or single layer woven wire. Square meshes come a result of Plain or Twilled weave.

The most commonly used types of weave applied for stainless steel wire mesh:

plain weave

twill weave

Dutch plain weave

Dutch twill weave


VIBRO TYPE WEAVE (VB) is the most common type of weave generally used in small mesh stainless steel screens or when the wire diameter is big in relation to mesh opening.

DOVEX TYPE WEAVE (DX) in this type of weave, the working surface is flat, thereby reducing the material friction to be sieved on the stainless steel screen as well as reaching at least 50% more durability than the other weaves. It also guarantees consistency of mesh openings for the whole useful life of the screen.

DOPRA TYPE WEAVE (DP) This type of weave is recommended for stainless steel wire screens where the wires are fine in comparison to mesh opening as its characteristics guarantee the fit of the wires in a defined position during the screens’ lifetime.

WEDRA TYPE WEAVE (WR) The wires in this type of weave are multi-waved and are crossed at every third or fifth waving. Generally used in very light stainless steel screens.

Wire Mesh Twilled Dutch Weave and Plain Dutch Weave

Wire Mesh Twilled Dutch Weave offers higher strength than regular Dutch Weaves. It packs even more wires in a given area. Generally, this weave has finer mesh counts and lower flow than other Dutch Weaves and can be made to filter particles as fine as 2 microns in diameter.

Wire Mesh Plain Dutch Weave is primarily used as a filter cloth. The openings slant diagonally through the cloth and cannot be seen by looking directly at the cloth. This kind of woven wire mesh has a coarse mesh and wire in the warp direction and a finer mesh and wire in the shute direction, giving a very compact, firm mesh with great strength.